Zero - Energy Homes At Spring Leaf


Each of the twelve homes (six single family homes and six townhomes) at Spring Leaf are designed as a contemporary expression of environmental awareness.   This is based on our design philosophy that today’s home should be a warm, welcoming refuge evoking a simplicity that belies the technological advancements within.  Each of these near-net zero energy homes is an expression of the balance of sustainability and comfortable luxury.

The design process began using a whole-building approach, understanding how all the systems and materials in the home work together best.  Knowing that all the energy the home would required would have to be provided by the photovoltaic system seamlessly integrated into the roof challenged us to utilize the most efficient systems and materials available – a Geothermal Heat Pump for heating and cooling, a Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit to preserve the indoor air quality, a highly insulated building envelope and advanced air sealing developed by GWA, LED lighting, and zero VOC finishes.

Along with a deep understanding of the energy performance, and the benefits both global and local, we designed each home as a natural extension of our larger neighborhood.  The architectural patterns – roofs with wide sheltering eaves, spacious front porches to gather with friends, windows carefully placed to maximize daylighting and capture views are all drawn from a Colorado vernacular.  And once inside, one feels another, equally important focus of the design – the quality of natural light and space.  Here a simple palette of wood, steel, and glass creates a series of unified spaces bathed in light – a refuge from the world outside the door.

3979 Spring Leaf Lane was awarded a LEED Platinum certification.

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