Solar Row Townhomes


“Architect George Watt brought together three main elements to make these townhomes extremely attractive: contemporary architecture, near-net zero energy, and traditional neighborhood design”  – Jetson Green

Walking up the path onto the elevated porches framed in a warm douglas fir and through the front door, one is greeted by a soaring two-story kitchen and dining room filled with natural light.  Continuing up the bamboo staircase and through the living room onto the west facing decks, mountains command the view.  Designed to maximize interior daylight and ease of flow through the house, each home lives large on a small footprint. 

The loft style, urban homes at Solar Row combine traditional characteristics of the rowhouse with state of the art building systems including solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, a hybrid spray foam/cellulose insulation, heat recovery ventilation, and LED and CFL lighting to bring the average yearly energy use to below 10% of a comparable home built to code.  As part of the Department of Energy’s Build America Program, the Solar Row townhomes where monitored to ensure the targets for energy use as well as water use were met.

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