Pearson Cabin


Accessed by the ski trails of Eldora Mountain, snowmobile, or snowshoe in the winter, this home embodies sustainable design ideas throughout it’s small footprint.  A family of four commissioned this year-round, economically sized and constructed mountain cabin at 9000 feet stating they wished to live simply, integrating themselves and their home into the surrounding forest that had brought them to this land for many years. 

The passive solar main living space is lit by two story windows that capture the views and warmth of the sun while the cabin is enveloped in a SIP building system (for maximum insulation and a short building schedule) that was coupled with a photovoltaic array for power allowing this family to conserve the energy they generated while alleviating the need to be tied to the grid.

The emphasis on sustainable building practices extends to incorporating fire resistant construction systems such as a dark cement board siding, metal soffets, and metal roofing, creating a contemporary interpretation of the mountain cabin. The modernist feel of this cabin is balanced well with the timber structure of the decks, reflecting the age-old log cabins that dot the landscape.

As a juror who awarded this project the AIA Sustainability award said – “There’s a real, kind of wonderful, economy of means in executing this project…”

Note:  I began this project while at Barrett Studio in Boulder and have completed the project through George Watt Architecture.

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