New Church Of Boulder Valley


“Each person’s belief system is perfect in that it can lead them closer and closer to the truth as they grow. This allows for an absolute truth to be at the center which we can all walk towards in our different ways.”  From the New Church church website

It was with a desire to build a church that embodies this invitation to approach each own’s “center” within that we began the design for the New Church.  Led by the local Pastor and church elders from Bryn Athen, Pennsylvania, the design evolved beyond the original chapel space to include a sanctuary space for worship, a school for elementary ages, and a fellowship hall for gatherings and events.  Embraced by the two wings of the fellowship hall and school, the butterfly roofed sanctuary lies in the midst of the church, the heart of the congregation.   With folded roof planes overhead drawing your eye upward and daylight softly cast upon the altar by windows hidden from view, the sanctuary provides a transformative space for introspection, gathering, and celebration.   The wings of the school’s classrooms and fellowship hall wings open up onto a garden with spaces for a children’s play along with tranquil, sheltered places for meditation.

Note:  I led this project as Project Architect while at Barrett Studio in Boulder.

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