Gunderson Residence


Embraced by the hillside and the surrounding city, this urban home nestles within its many layers of colorful gardens and outdoor living rooms, an architecture folded among carefully preserved mature trees.  Envisioned as a place for exuberance and a source of tranquility for a family of four this home is rooted to the landscape through modern, warm, durable building materials that connect exterior courts and gardens to the richly detailed interior spaces.

As a cascade of stairs invites you up from the street, one is welcomed by the warmth of stone, wood, and concrete, detailed and finished with a rare craftsmanship. Organized around a sculptural stair of walnut, glass, and steel bathed in natural light, the home reveals itself as a balance of flowing, contemporary, light filled spaces full of gregarious charm and places of refuge (or play!) for each family member. The spaces within the home are defined by the function of family while being enhanced by joyful, colorful materials.

Embodying the owner’s environmental sensibilities of sustainable living, the home integrates building systems such as geothermal heating and cooling, a super insulated building envelope, high performance windows and doors, and with a 7.2kW PV array the home will use less than 17% of the energy of a conventionally built one.  This oasis in the city brings into being a rare combination of beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency. 

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