Eagle Place Townhomes


The design for the townhomes at Eagle Place takes inspiration from the surrounding community, the open vistas to the west, a need to capture the sun, and a desire to create a community of buildings and open spaces with a dynamic architectural expression. The (60) townhome neighborhood in (6) and (3) unit townhouse buildings was oriented on an east/west axis to maximize both passive and active solar access.  Appropriately sized areas of south facing glass with a concrete thermal mass floor coupled with photovoltaic shade awnings and solar thermal collectors provide over 50% of the required heat, hot water, and electricity for this 100% affordable community.  The townhomes form connected courtyard garden spaces for gathering, playing, and socializing, each planted with a xeric landscape using water conserving irrigation systems.

In order to realize the energy efficiency goals of the project, Eagle Place created a new financing model in paretnership with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for funding for “energy efficient” and “ultra energy efficient” projects based on criteria established using Eagle Place as the case model.  HUD is now able to use this program to provide funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy systems for over 2300 public housing authorities in the US.

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