Through a welcoming gate lies a courtyard refuge, a private garden space protected from the urban happenings beyond.  Each of these homes was designed with this integral courtyard in mind at the outset of the design process to act as an extension of the home – an outdoor living space accessed through the dining room’s folding wall that captures the deck as part of the interior, doubling the size of the space for gatherings small and large.

Built within the Prospect Neighborhood in Longmont, Colorado, the homes display a contemporary nature that interprets the traditional ideas found in New Urbanist neighborhoods such as warm, inviting porches that embrace the street and a variety of materials chosen for scale and individual identity.

The design of the homes reflects a desire to create a geometry that informs the viewer of activities inside while contributing to the architectural diversity throughout this community.  The one and one half story masonry living room captures light from on high to fill the room with warmth, the three story central stair volume soars upward as it surrounds the interior stairs which culminates in a roof top deck that offers 360 degree views of the neighborhood and snow capped peaks to the west.

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